What Does Willpower Look Like in my Brain? Krish Murali Eswar

What Does Willpower Look Like in my Brain?

Truth be told. I lacked willpower. I didn't even know what it meant. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't bring up my willpower to change even a single habit of mine. That was till August 29, 1984.

On August 30, 1984, it changed. I started to seeing the glimpse of willpower in my brain.

People talk about recipes for success. Willpower is the core ingredient of it.

If you wish to lead a life of positivity then self-discipline is the key to master it. Master your impulsive tendencies and you build a positive life for yourself.

I maintain a blog, publish videos, do my podcasts, and teach and coach my students. I have a ton of followers.

Plasma is beautiful.
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What is going on in my brain when I feel motivated?

Self-discipline and persistence are in my mindset. It is a particular thinking pattern that keeps me going everyday of my life.

I do not like to compare myself with someone superior to me. Why give chance to feel inferior?

I do not like to get into a brilliant person's head and attempt to think like him. Instead, I like to be inspired by great thinker's works and attempt to internalize them as my own. I have far too many people who compare them with others and damage their own determination to do well.

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If I don't get inspiration, how can I inspire others?

Read good books. Listen to great people. But, remember that you are great in your making. I often imagine what it would be to stand shoulder to shoulder with great people who inspire me and an image runs my mind that they too get inspired by my life and thinking. Why not? It is definitely possible. I have done some pretty amazing things in my life. So are you, am sure. You may not be aware of it until someone else points it out to you.

I judge my talent in relation to the accomplishment of my own past and not with others, which is a major hazard for self-confidence.

I don't like to be threatened or intimidated by good writers. I never learned to write in English formerly. I wasn't too fond of P. C. Wren and H. Martin, who jointly wrote the famous English Grammar book.

I do not believe that after a strenuous mental activity my energy is depleted. I do not work to refuel it again. Instead, I believe that my mental stamina refuels itself even after strenuous mental exertion. I can continue doing more and more. I believe in the abundance resource of willpower.

That's why I do not procrastinate nowadays very often. I eat healthy whole foods plant based diet without fail every time. I eat only twice a day and nothing in between. I meditate twice daily. I never miss my physical yoga exercises. I do not remember missing it for the past 35 years from 1984 since I learned it.

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My mindset is key.

I am optimistic most of the time. I challenge myself often to take up complex work and aim to complete it successfully. I may not have moved mountains with my determination but it has helped to boost my self-discipline and improve my productivity and happiness quotient.

Don't set a limit for willpower in your mind. Believe that willpower is limitless. That is the first key to your success.

However, you should know when to quit. Just this morning I attempted to get a website up and running on a new technology. After trying for a few hours, I realized that I simply can't create a build-your-own product composition feature up and running without spending an additional 100$ a month. I stopped my experiment. I will try another way soon. Never give up on the final goal. If one method fails, try another. But learn to stop trying the same method. Fail. Fail often. Fail internally. Fail at low cost. Eventually, succeed. My failures define my success.

There are certain things I do not attempt at all. For instance, I have learned not to get into a fight with my wife. She wins, anyway. :-).

There are certain goals that are unattainable. I can never become a Vethathiri Maharishi myself. I do not wish to. I do not aim to. I will be myself. I will be inspired by him. I will hold his hands and be guided by him. I will always remain his disciple. I am happy to be called a student and a staunch follower of my Guru. It is my identity. It is my persona. It defines me.

I am sure I do not suffer from depression or serious burst of cortisol in my brain.

Ambition may be rewarding at times. Adrenalin may start pumping when you go after a large goal. But the impossibility of the goal may be daunting and dis-empowering.

People with Parkinson's disease suffer from apathy. People who suffer from depression may sometimes require a dose of dopamine booster in the brain to feel motivated and rewarded by the neurotransmitter.

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Meditation is my natural dopamine booster.

I feel fresh and young and new after a meditation session.

My wife often tells me that I survive on willpower. I do. She has shown me in positive light that nothing, not even my ego or the world's greatest obstacle, can stop me if I set my mind to a project.

People who suffer from apathy have a lower tolerance for physical effort. The connectivity between the anterior cingulate cortex, a part of the brain that helps to judge your effort for a task versus the reward), and the supplementary motor area, a part of the brain that helps you to plan.

The lack of communication between motivation-related brain areas and action-plan brain areas may explain why you give up too quickly.

Anterior cigulate cortex inspire feelings of perseverance.

I have developed several strategies to boost my willpower.

  1. Kundalini Meditation (No.1 on the list)
  2. Exercise
  3. Kayakalpa Yoga
  4. Introspection in Silence
  5. Writing
  6. Reading
  7. Listening to inspiration talks and books
  8. Watching inspiring videos
  9. Watching inspiring real-life based movies with my wife when time permits
  10. Listening to Swamiji's speeches
  11. Holding Swamiji's hands when in difficult times
  12. Take up a project to serve my Guru. When one completes, take up another
  13. Keep my family protected financially and other mean. This is one of my strong willpower boosters
  14. Earn money and work towards financial freedom that gives me free time to work for Swamiji
  15. Play with children. (As on 31 Aug 2019, I am preoccupied with playing with my Grandson)
  16. Solve puzzles
  17. Make videos and publish them
  18. Speak and podcast
  19. Solve a technology puzzle for me and for my family and friends and Swamiji's SKY system
  20. Start new initiatives
  21. Innovate
  22. Be creative

I guess you get the idea.

I love what I do. I do what I love.

That is the secret of my willpower.

It starts with the fact that I meditate. I meditate on my own Kundalini Shakthi. I meditate on my life-force. It lowers my mental frequency and keeps me calm and peaceful. It keeps me in touch with the abundant source of willpower, the Almighty force. The other end of my mind is God. I ask. God supplies. Everything else is in my hands.

Learn to awaken your Kundalini.
Meditate on your life-force.
Build a strong willpower.
Succeed in every sphere of your life.

Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.