I was born into a staunch middle-class Tamil Brahmin family. I got initiated into mantra chanting and idol worship very early in my life. I was told that God will punish if I didn't pray every day and reward if I pray daily. I obediently followed orders.

Till the fifth standard, I was class first and thought God really rewards me. When I went to high school, I suddenly felt it difficult to manage studies. A classmate taught me how to take a book to the class and use it secretly to copy in weekly class tests. I did. Got caught and was beaten below my knees with a bamboo stick by the headmaster. God punished me even though I prayed to him in the morning. It changed my outlook to God.

Slowly, I started getting disillusioned with the mantra and idol worship techniques. Everlasting happiness eluded me.

In 1984, I met Swamiji, Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi and learned to meditate on my own life-force, Kundalini Shakthi. He taught me that God is goodness inside us. God appears in the form of results of our actions. We allow goodness to develop inside us and get rid of 'badness' that cause pain for self or others, in the present or in the future, physically or mentally. We get good 'Karmas' - good imprints resulting in good actions and results. Sin imprints are those that hurt. They are not beyond our control. How could one expect to pass the exam without studying for it but merely praying to an imaginary God?

Swamiji showed me how I pray to my own mind when I close my eyes standing in front of an idol to worship. After all, the idol is not inside my head. My own mind expands and takes the shape of the idol which I worship. Therefore, the very purpose of idol worship is to learn that God is inside us.

When I chant, the sound produces a wave. The wave travels, clashes, reflects, refracts, penetrates, and interacts. According to the pattern of the wave, it produces a result. Therefore, chanting is a way to reduce mental frequency or create a particular frequency that can produce the desired results. Chanting serves no other purpose.

Once I started meditating, I tried going to my once-favorite Perur temple in Coimbatore to meditate. My experience was disturbing. Later, Swamiji explained to me that meditating in temples must be avoided. The collective frequency of people who come to temple is tuned to ask for a desire to be fulfilled. Hence, my mind was naturally disturbed by such thoughts of other worshipers there. People who come to temple generally don't seek self-realization. They want their desires fulfilled. They are offering a bribe to God in order to pass an exam, or make money or whatever. I go there to seek to merge my mind with the almighty force. I stopped going to temples or chant mantra to find my God.

I meditate.

When I meditate, my mind becomes peaceful. I merge with the universal magnetic energy and go beyond it. I become Gravity. I become space. Thoughts stop flowing. I enter a thoughtless, eternal static state.

I see God as action-results. Every action of mine produces a precise result when the time is ripe.

I am surrounded by the Goodness of people and nature. Providence provides. Therefore, it is providence.

God is not in the temple.

God is inside me.

The only way to experience God is to reduce the mental frequency, which is possible only through meditating on one's own life-force, Kundalini Shakthi.

Such a meditation, or Dhyana, leads to Samadhi or Nirvana, Salvation, Perfection.

In perfection, we are one with God. Sama + Adhi = Merging with the Origin, the almighty force.

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Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.